Fundraising with Sawaya Gardens

For more than two decades, Sawaya Gardens has been contributing to local charities by organizing plant sales. Helping your organization thrive is a deep-seated passion for this garden center.

Cutting Edge Research

At the core of our mission is growing, testing, and researching plant performance. Our ultimate objective is to disseminate this knowledge to as many home gardeners as possible. We firmly believe that information should be shared so that we can reap the benefits of it!


The growth of a community hinges on everyone’s active participation. By being involved in this endeavor, not only does our team experience a sense of pride, but we also become part of the vision that you are cultivating for your organization.

Let’s Work Together

  1. Fill out fundraising application/info document.
  2. Create your custom ticket with logo.
  3. Be sure to track all sales in a spreadsheet.
  4. Send out your info sheet to potential supporters of your fundraiser. 
  5. Track all sales in a spreadsheet and submit with your final payment prior to product pickup date.