• 1880 Blueline Rd, Waterford, ON N0E 1Y0


Canada’s first family of flowers

Innovating and growing is just what Sawayas do.

For over 30 years, founder Melhem Sawaya - the “walking encyclopedia of flower knowledge” - has been helping research and develop quality garden plants for garden centres across North America. Every year, over 300 horticultural producers, breeders, buyers, wholesalers and marketers attend the [Sawaya Garden Trials] looking for leading-edge plants to watch and to avoid. After research, all 3000+ one-of-a-kind plants are sold to the public with 100% of sales donated to local causes and charities.

Three generations later, the family business is growing stronger than ever.

Our new retail garden centre in Waterford, Ontario is now open for the public to browse, buy and get industry-level tips and advice on everything gardening.

From small town roots, to changing our continental landscape - our passion, knowledge and family values drive us to create the highest quality garden centre experience for absolutely everyone.

Why people choose us

From eye-catching colour combinations to plant designs like you’ve never seen before, you’re guaranteed to leave Sawaya Gardens with something outstanding!

Unique, customized products

Many of our plants you’ll find here you won’t find anywhere else

Expertise & guidance

Our friendly, certified plant experts are here with ideas & solutions for literally everything.